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This year's show will feature a variety of vintage military aircraft, World War II warbirds, and incredible aerobatic performers.  The formal flying display begins at approximately 12:30pm on Saturday, September 21 and runs for approximately two hours.  You won't want to miss the star-studded lineup as it takes flight over the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport!

In The Air.

*Performers are subject to change without notice.



Luke Carrico Air Show Announcer

Air Show Announcer Luke Carrico will serve as the voice of the Lake Cumberland Air Show.  A professional air show commentator and full-time aerial events consultant, Luke has served as host for some of the largest and most prestigious civilian and military aerial events throughout North America and the world.  A licensed pilot flying the Piper PA28 Archer and the American Champion Citabria, he participates in nearly two dozen events annually and is one of the most sought-after air show announcers on the circuit today.

Charlie Morris Super Decathlon

Charlie Morris took his first airplane ride at the age of six, with his father and grandfather at his family's airstrip in Vine Grove, Kentucky.  Today, Charlie is a fourth-generation aviator and Army veteran, having served a tour of duty as a drone operator.  After his time in the military, Charlie set his sights on becoming a professional air show pilot and now flies the Super Decathlon, one of the world's most popular aerobatic trainers. 

Clemens Kuhlig Pitts S-1

A former professional chef, air show performer Clemens Kuhlig ultimately traded dinner rolls for barrel rolls flying the classic Pitts S-1 biplane.  Now an accomplished corporate pilot as his day job, Chef flies this biplane, an aircraft he built himself, at air shows across the east coast.  As one of a select handful of air show performers authorized to perform an inverted ribbon cut, Clemens is a previous recipient of the Pitts Trophy in aerobatic competition, and is excited to perform for you at this year's Lake Cumberland Air Show!

Kyle Fowler Go EZ Aerobatics

Kyle Fowler is from central Alberta, Canada and performs in the unique Long EZ, a special experimental aircraft he likes to call "the backwards plane".  Kyle began following in his father's footsteps at a young age, with his pursuit of becoming a professional aerobatic pilot.  Today, Kyle performs across the continent in the Long EZ at some of North America's most prestigious aerial events.  The Long EZ's delta wing and canard design makes it a fan favorite, propelling the EZ to over 200 miles per hour!

Smoke On Formation Team

Don't miss Kentucky's very own Smoke On Formation Team, based out of historic Bowman Field in Louisville.  The Smoke On team consists of a group of volunteer pilots who commit their time to performing formation flights for veterans and other events.  During their demonstration, you will see a variety of different formations as flown by the pilots of the Smoke On Formation Team, each flying experimental Vans RV aircraft, many built by the pilots themselves.  

Tom McCord F8F Bearcat

The Grumman F8F Bearcat was introduced into service near the end of World War II.  Although it did not see combat, it quickly proved its worth as a formidable fighter in Indochina.  Powered by the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine, the Bearcat was among the fastest piston-driven fighters of its era with a top speed of over 400 miles per hour.  Flown by Tom McCord of Indianapolis, Indiana, we will see a stellar low-level performance by the Grumman Bearcat, one of just a handful of these types in airworthy condition.

Champaign Gal B-25 Mitchell

As one of the most versatile aircraft of World War II, the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber served multiple roles, and gained significant fame for it's participation in the Doolittle Raid, where sixteen B-25s launched from the USS Hornet to strike targets in Japan.  With it's impressive range and firepower, the B-25 played a crucial role in the Pacific, European, and North African theatres of the war and is considered one of the most iconic aircraft of it's time.  Our B-25J known as "Champaign Gal", is flown and operated by the Champaign Aviation Museum of Urbana, Ohio.

RT Dickson F-86 Sabre

Introduced in the early 1950s, the F-86 Sabre is one of the most iconic American jet fighters.  Designed by North American Aviation, it played a pivotal role in the Korean War where it fought against Soviet-built MiG-15s.  The Sabre set numerous speed and altitude records, and influenced the design and tactics of combat jet aircraft which followed thereafter.  RT Dickson from Concorde, North Carolina will showcase a high-speed, low-level demonstration in his Mk6 Canadair Sabre known as "Patricia II".

Team FastTrax America's Skydiving Team

Team FastTrax is one of the largest professional parachute demonstration teams in the world.  Known as America's Skydiving Team, they have performed at thousands of major league events nationwide ranging from air shows, Formula One, NASCAR, and professional sporting venues.  Many of the jumpers consist of armed forces veterans, and are proud to jump some of the largest American flags to ever be flown under canopy.  Team FastTrax will help open our show from over 5,000 feet above the ground.


Sky Soldiers Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF), known as the Sky Soldiers, tell the U.S. Army Aviation story through a captivating demonstrations of both the famed Huey and feared Cobra helicopters. Fans of these military aircraft also have the opportunity to climb on-board for the unique experience flying in these iconic military legends, as well as see a reenactment demonstration during the show.  This year's airshow will feature both the Bell UH-1 Huey utility and Bell AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters.

R. T. Dickson F-86 Sabre

Team Fast Trax America's SkyDive Team

Sky Soldiers Army Aviation Heritage

Champaign Gal B-25 Mitchell Bomber



Kyle Fowler GO EZ Aerobatics


Charlie Morris Super Decathlon


*Performers are subject to change without notice.

NextGen Eagles Aerobatic Team

New to the North American air show circuit this year, the NextGen Eagles Aerobatic Team are the world's only Christen Eagle air show team.  Aerobatic performers Leland Kracher and Tom Braymer will present a choregraphed aerial display combining precision formation flying, beautiful colors, and an entertaining air show performance you certainly won't want to miss.  Watch for the very minimum wingtip-to-wingtip separation as they showcase the iconic lines of some of the world's most beloved aerobatic biplanes. 


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